It’s finally here!

Well, after years of writing and rewriting and shopping around and editing, EDGE OF THE WOODS — the first novel I’ve published under this penname, and the first one I’ve published at all in 10-ish years — is here. I won’t say a lot about it, since I’ve already said plenty in other blog posts and around the internet, but sincerely, a thank you to everyone who picks it up and reads it, and especially anyone who reviews it or mentions it to someone else, and especially anyone who requests that their library order it. I grew up in libraries, and they are holy places, so I would be thrilled to know about any book I wrote being in one.

Anyway. I hope you find something you like about it, and here are all the places you can buy it. See you out there. 🙂


Amazon Paperback:





City Owl:

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