Welcome to the Show – Rockstar Keith and actor Adam have the kind of relationship that keeps tabloids in business: Passionate and dramatic. They’ve mostly managed to keep their taste for threesomes a secret, though…until they meet Sebastian, a budding journalist who fits perfectly between them. Navigating their careers and a long-term threeway relationship in the public eye of 2012 is playing with fire—and if the paparazzi doesn’t destroy them, their inner demons just might.
January 11, 2022, preorder available now.

Note: This high-heat romance title was previously released as LoveGames by M Jules Aedin in 2012. This edition has been completely revised with mostly new content, including a brand new ending.

Length: 218 pages (Kindle edition)

Content Advisory: Explicit sex, references to drug and alcohol use, fleeting references to negative parental relationships, “Daddy” roleplay, mild D/s elements, one instance of a character not hearing/understanding when their sexual partner asks to stop (toward the end), main character with undiagnosed/untreated mental illness, main character who does not address his own needs.

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Welcome to the Show

Edge of the Woods – Out now from City Owl Press

There’s something wrong in Pine Grove, Montana, and its bite is vicious.

Can the alpha figure out who is attacking innocent people on her wildlife preserve and protect her pack? Or will the new sheriff and her growing attraction to him put her entire world in danger?

Length: 374 pages (print)
Content advisory: On-page violence, mentions of past child abuse and parental alcoholism, main character in law enforcement career, some explicit sexual content.

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Edge of the Woods

Grace has had a crush on her older brother’s best friend, Maya, since before she knew she could even have crushes on girls. When Maya is the one who picks her up from the airport for her brother’s wedding in their small hometown of Opelika, Alabama, she finally gets the chance to act on that crush. Besides, isn’t it tradition for the best man to hook up with a bridesmaid?

content advisory: Explicit sex, mention of family rejection due to sexuality, misuse of a religious space, references to Christianity

Swelter: A Short Story available on Amazon for .99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Swelter (Southern Sapphics #1)

When Grace’s father experiences a health crisis, she decides to spend her spring break at home helping take care of him, and also faces some decisions about her future. When she gets caught out in the rain, Maya comes to her rescue in more ways than one.

Content advisory: Some sexual content, family health problems, wrestling with “coming out” as a concept.
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Soak (Southern Sapphics #1.5)

It’s been over a year since Grace and Maya locked themselves in a room at a Grace’s brother’s wedding and gave in to the attraction that had been brewing between them — but neither of them have gotten it out of their system. Now it’s Halloween, and Maya finds herself being dragged out to a haunted maze by her best friend’s little sister, who seems to once again have ulterior motives. But are they willing to hook up again if it means confronting the implications it has for the future?

Content Advisory: Some explicit sexual content, Halloween themes, minor injuries.

Available Now on Amazon for .99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Shiver (Southern Sapphics #1.6)

Free Fiction

Stomach full of fireflies, house full of secrets – published 2010

Inspired by the song “Son of a Preacher Man” with a Southern Gothic flavor. ~2500 words. Content advisory: An instance of misgendering, references to alcoholism. (formerly published as “Sweet Caroline”)

On Some I Keep – published 2016

“Death will break her claws on some I keep.” Applachian Gothic, loosely inspired by the myth of Persephone and Hades. ~1100 words. Content advisory: Death, illness. (title from Carl Sandburg, “Troths”)

I am not a weapon, but I will win this war – published 2016

Beretta always did like to wind down with company after a fight.” Urban fantasy inspired by Demi Lovato’s music video for “Confident.” ~2700 words. Content advisory: Explicit rough sex, bondage, references to polyamory, D/s elements, improper use of weapons. f/f

happiness is somewhere i have been before – published 2016

For a star who cannot return to the sky, where else is there to go?” Experimental fairy-tale style inspired by the #findthegirlsonthenegatives viral hashtag photographs. ~2200 words. Content warnings: N/A

Coming Soon…

Sparkle – The final Grace and Maya story, a winter holiday interlude scheduled for late November.

Night is for Hunting – Book Two of the Moonrise trilogy. While Haley has her hands full with a full moon on Halloween in Pine Grove, Diego and Val are in a race against time to stop the vampire who turned Val back in the 1980s before he can claim another victim. Release date TBA.

Stars Still Fall – 1995. A woman and her growing feelings for her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. A small Southern town neither of them can escape. And a ghost. Release date TBA.

A Touch of Magic – What do you get when you’re a single father from a long line of witches who refuses to use magic… and your daughter casts a spell on the handsome man who is about to put you out of a job to make him fall in love with you? Trouble, that’s what.