It’s finally here!

Well, after years of writing and rewriting and shopping around and editing, EDGE OF THE WOODS — the first novel I’ve published under this penname, and the first one I’ve published at all in 10-ish years — is here. I won’t say a lot about it, since I’ve already said plenty in other blog posts […]

First Chapter – Welcome to the Show

Tomorrow marks the release of one of the most personal projects I’ve ever completed, so I thought I’d go ahead and give y’all a free sample. 🙂 It will be taken down when the book goes live, since you will be able to use the Kindle preview pages. Rockstar Keith and actor Adam have the […]

Welcome to the Pre-Order Bonuses!

EXCITING NEWS – Welcome to the Show now has preorder bonuses! If you preorder this completely rewritten, reworked re-release of the highest heat romance I’ve ever published, any time before it releases on January 11, 2022, and send me a screencap of your preorder confirmation along with your mailing address, I’ll happily send you one […]

COVER REVEAL: Edge of the Woods

I’m so excited to be able to share with you the cover for Edge of the Woods, the contemporary paranormal with heavy romantic elements coming in May from Owl City Press! And if you follow me on Twitter (@julesrkelley) or Instagram (juleskelleybooks) you can see the beautiful animated ad that Nathalie Gray made for me, […]

Werewolves in the Spring

Edge of the Woods is my first novel in nine years, and it’s being released in April 2021. I started writing it in late 2015. At the time, my concept was simple: A fluffy smalltown boy-meets-girl romance with a simple twist: The girl was a werewolf. It was meant to be fun, playful, and not […]

A Spooky Surprise

I released “Shiver,” the Halloween-themed third Grace & Maya story, four days ago at the writing of this post. (It’s on the Works page, or you can jump straight to Amazon to buy it.) I’ve had a draft page open to write this post for almost as long. I’ve been trying to find a balance, […]

A Little Quarantreat

I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated since literally January first, but that’s the kind of person you’re dealing with here. I hope you’re doing all right in these strange and troubled times, finding brightness where you can. A couple of weeks ago, I got the idea that I’d like to do something for people, […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020! The site is small but mostly functional now, thanks to the fact that I only have one work that’s currently in print. That will be changing soon! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going to be happening: Revising and republishing the M. Jules Aedin back catalog. Windows in Time is the first […]