EXCITING NEWS – Welcome to the Show now has preorder bonuses!

If you preorder this completely rewritten, reworked re-release of the highest heat romance I’ve ever published, any time before it releases on January 11, 2022, and send me a screencap of your preorder confirmation along with your mailing address, I’ll happily send you one of these beautiful matte prints of the cover art, signed! (You can email me at julesauthor@gmail.com, as usual!)

I’ll happily sign either on the front or the back, whichever you like, and because I am the person I am, I will also happily inscribe it with anything you want*. Hell, I’ll even hit random on a quote generator and write it in my prettiest handwriting.

*I mean obviously I’m not going to write anything hateful or against my principles.

[Preorder Link here: 4.99 on Amazon]

Rockstar Keith and actor Adam have the kind of relationship that keeps tabloids in business: Passionate and dramatic. They’ve mostly managed to keep their taste for threesomes a secret, though…until they meet Sebastian, a budding journalist who fits perfectly between them. Navigating their careers and a long-term threeway relationship in the public eye of 2012 is playing with fire—and if the paparazzi doesn’t destroy them, their inner demons just might. Note: This high-heat romance title was previously released as LoveGames by M Jules Aedin in 2012. This edition has been re-edited with a brand new ending.