Back in 2012, I released a book that I had written during one of the worst depressive episodes of my life. It didn’t do well, for various reasons (polyamorous romances weren’t very popular ten years ago, for one), and I let it go.

Recently, I realized there was a lot about that book that I loved, and I thought it deserved better. I decided its time has come, and started working on what I’ve begun referring to as its “glow-up.” It’s getting some new writing, a new ending, a fresh edit, a new name, and — excitingly — a brand new cover, which is what we’re here for!

So please, enjoy this glimpse at the upcoming re-release of one of the sexiest books I’ve ever written, which also doubles as an exploration of the intersection of mental wellness and celebrity. Due to the limitations surrounding my ability to self-publish, it will only be available on Amazon, and it’s currently available for pre-order: [PREORDER LINK]

Also, a shout out to graphic artist Kanaxa for this beautiful work!