I’m so excited to be able to share with you the cover for Edge of the Woods, the contemporary paranormal with heavy romantic elements coming in May from Owl City Press! And if you follow me on Twitter (@julesrkelley) or Instagram (juleskelleybooks) you can see the beautiful animated ad that Nathalie Gray made for me, so go follow and see that beautiful work! You’ll also see some static ads popping up around social media that she made. Feel free to leave a comment or chat on Twitter or Insta about what you think of the cover!

As her body unfolded upward, limbs lengthening, joints popping into place, she growled and turned her head to one side to crack her neck. Power rushed through her like a drug, and she grinned wildly as her body thrummed with the strength of the alpha form, the unity of wolf and woman that blazed through her bones.

Edge of the Woods – Jules Kelley