Welcome to 2020! The site is small but mostly functional now, thanks to the fact that I only have one work that’s currently in print. That will be changing soon! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going to be happening:

  1. Revising and republishing the M. Jules Aedin back catalog. Windows in Time is the first one being reworked, then Paper Planes and Lovegames are getting their makeovers next. The revisions process on Windows is fairly intense. In the beginning, I was just going to make some tweaks here and there and move on, but as I started reading it again, I realized there were so many things in it that would make me, as a reader, put it down now, most notably the acerbic tone and internalized misogyny, plus a lot of unnecessary exposition. I like to think I’ve grown as both a writer and a person in the 10+ years since it was originally published, and I hope that the rework shows that.
  2. New stuff! That’s right, I wrote new stuff, and the details should be on their way soon as to when and where you’ll get to read it. What kind of new stuff? Well, I hope you’re ready for some supernatural creatures, because that’s what we got. Also my first m/f published work, actually, though they’re still queer. I’ll update when I can tell you more.
  3. I might use this website format to talk about things, maybe! Who knows! But if you want to keep up with me in the meantime, I’m on tumblr and Instagram as @juleskelleybooks and on Twitter as @julesrkelley.

So what plans and possibilities are YOU excited for in 2020? What good things are on your horizon? Tell me about them, and let’s chase them together!